MainStage Productions

Here at illuminate, we take pride in presenting the most professional MainStage productions achievable. We spare no cost in terms of lighting design, scenic design, set design, costume & make up design, choreography…not to mention a structured rehearsal process where students dive deep into their scene work, exploring their characters from all angles. We like to pull out a redemptive theme in our shows, and discuss how each character changes throughout the play, so that the students are impacted in their own lives as they continue on the journey of the rehearsal process.

But something else happens during our productions that is apart from any script or scenic element. Through theatre games and team-building exercises, the students learn to trust and depend on each other as a cast–to take the direction given to them and bring it to life on stage. They learn that this isn’t about one individual person, or any particular role. It’s about the cast as a whole, and how each part fitted together creates the end product: a spectacular production where the students’ enthusiasm radiates into the audience, allowing the audience to truly relax and let their own cares go for that evening, as they enter into the world of the stage.

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Junior Productions

Our Junior Productions in the Spring are a way for our youngest students to shine on the stage. We give them the fully staged treatment that the Mainstage Production gets, but on a smaller scale. In this environment, students gain confidence in an encouraging and comfortable environment. Our Junior Productions feature several classes: our dance classes for ages 4-12; “High Notes” choirs; and more can be found in the menu items for Dance and Music Departments!  Our exclusive Intern Program gives older students the chance to take the lead for these productions, learning the ropes (literally, backstage).

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Staged Readings, Dramatic Presentations, Progress Shows and more

We also offer smaller performance opportunities throughout the year for all ages, which culminate in small presentations or staged readings. These are a great way for actors to get their feet wet (if they are new to it all), and for those with experience to dive into scene study without the pressure of a fully-staged production. Our Fall and Spring classes (that are not production based) end in a class showcase for family and friends. And our end-of-year Progress Show is a night not to miss as we celebrate all things AWIP and these incredible kids that make our company shine.

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What People Are Saying:

  • “Great kids, great staff, great space!”
  • “I love Tolman – I love all the character it has and it just feel amazing on the stage.”
  • “LOVE IT!!!! It so amazing working on such an incredible and story-filled stage”
  • “I think that the way AWIP works with Tolman is great. I felt safe there, since the custodians opened the bathrooms for us, so we didn’t have to leave the theatre at all, and even if we did, we were escorted by a parent, so no one was going off by themselves.”

What Students Are Saying:

“Being a part of a MainStage production means these things to me: dancing crazy jazz squares. learning how to Zoom (you’ll find out what that means). long hours of cast bonding. late rehearsals with lots of laughing. singing some pretty great songs. working with an awesome staff. acting some classic and fun shows. meeting some amazing people. and most of all… having your life changed.” — Amanda

“It’s a very large and fun process that requires commitment and a ton of energy. There are a lot of parts that go into making one of these productions and that’s one of many reasons why these productions are so amazing. The staff works incredibly hard to make sure that the quality of these shows is outstanding and at the same time are very encouraging and make sure that everyone feels comfortable and a part of the team.” -Keegan

“Acting in a mainstage production is really awesome, because you get to bond with the whole cast, and see the fruits of your labor together. It takes a lot of hard work and trust in your fellow actors and crew, but it’s so rewarding. It’s also wicked fun and eye opening. To see everything come together after months of rehearsals is amazing, and it’s honestly just a really great experience that everyone should get to have.” — Audrey

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