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Still have a few questions? Here’s some FAQ that might help!

How much is tuition?

All classes are $5/half hour ($10/hour, etc). Additional fees may apply. Pricing and more detailed information is available in our payment policies here.

How do I find classes in my child’s age range?

When you are logged into the parent portal, all the classes are listed. Click the “Find Classes” button on the dashboard. Classes will automatically be sorted by location and the ages of any children you have listed in your family. You can toggle the buttons to list all locations and/or all ages. Below that you can also click “ADD A FILTER” to find classes by department, session, time of day, day of the week, instructor, and more.

What if my child is just a bit below or over the age for a class?

The ages listed are what the teacher feels is an appropriate guideline, but you know your child best. You can reach out to the instructor or admin to discuss putting your child in a class that is listed for below or over their age. Admin can put your child in a class outside their age level, but JackRabbit will not allow you to do so yourself, so please reach out.

Can I add or drop a class after registering? How?

Yes! If your child decides a class is not a good fit after the 1st or 2nd class meeting of a session, you may drop the class with no further charges.  To drop, complete the “Class drop form.”
If you would like to add a class, this also needs to be done within the first 2 weeks of a session. You can add it through the parent portal.

How do I use the registration system?

Using Our Registration System: when you click “register,” you are not automatically committing to anything, don’t worry! You will be brought to our Registration System, powered by Jackrabbit.
There, you will register as a family and create a login/password for your Parent Portal.
Once there, you can select classes all year long to add to your account! Payments are in installments; read our payment policies for more info!

Do you offer tuition assistance?

Yes! We offer several options for lowering the cost of tuition (please note, this section is currently being updated. we will have links to all of these options soon):

  • Sell popcorn to offset tuition with DOUBLEGOOD. We offer this for the fall and winter semesters, and families have been able to take almost half off their tuition!
  • Our Sibling Discount is very generous!
  • Parents who volunteer to do extra tasks for illuminate receive percentages off their tuition total (20%, 30% – even 50% for some positions!)
  • Scholarships are available on an as-needed basis and families must apply to receive one.
  • Our PAYMENT POLICIES detail these discounts on page 4!

Where are your locations?

We rehearse and hold most classes/workshops in Attleboro, but performance locations vary. Click here for a more detailed page with maps, directions, parking, and things to do in the area!

Is there anything else I should know about registering?

Click here to read our updated Payment Policies.

Ready to Register? Click here to login to our registration system, powered by Jackrabbit!

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