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The illuminate Membership


Laying the Foundation to Shine

The Board of Directors and Membership of illuminate are made up of illuminate families, community neighbors, and alumni. Their purpose is to steer the company forward, backed by the Membership of illuminate, laying the foundation for future generations.

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illuminate membership

The Members of illuminate will have a voice in the company as it continues to build and grow. Members will have voting privileges and opportunities to be part of committees that steer the company. In gratitude for this service, the company will grant Membership special benefits throughout the year, such as access to pre-sale tickets, discounts on merchandise, and more!

junior production cast bows

Check out some of the benefits of being a member!


  • Early access to tickets – get the best seats!

  • Coupon codes to get discounts off dances and other events

  • 50% off special events like “Parents’ Night Out”

  • The opportunity to be part of a growing community and network of homeschooling families

  • Membership dues 100% fund our scholarships and tuition assistance programs!

  • And more to come!

  • What does it mean to say I have a “voice” as a Member?

    • Members are invited to attend, participate and vote in Board meetings, as well as, bring ideas before the Board of Directors for consideration. Members can join, form and/or manage committees to help advance the mission of illuminate and build a stronger company. Directorship nominations will be solicited from the Membership.

  • What will happen at the Annual Meeting?

    • The Annual Meeting is open to all Members. The Board of Directors will present to the full Membership nominations for Directorship, an Annual Budget and any By-Law revisions or amendments. These items, once presented, will be voted on by the full membership in attendance.

General Membership:

Board, Staff Membership:

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