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Learn + Create

Classes + Workshops where the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, the instructors encouraging and engaging, and students truly have space to discover their inner potential. 

Acting Department

Our Acting Classes are designed for students to learn the basics of acting, improvisation, and character study techniques. Without the pressure of a production, they are free to have fun exploring thought-provoking material, building confidence and gaining teamwork skills along the way. Beginners will feel welcomed and encouraged while more advanced students will be challenged and inspired.

Music Department

Our Music Department offers many ways for students to explore their vocal instruments – and actual instruments – in an encouraging atmosphere for all experience levels.  Our teachers carefully craft the classes to inspire beginners and challenge those with experience, for ages 4-18.

Dance Department

Our Dance Department is where students can learn the discipline of dance in a relaxed, encouraging, and motivating environment, at their own pace. Your beginner student will feel welcomed, and your intermediate or advanced student will be challenged.  Most importantly, students will learn to love all kinds of dance! 

Media Department

The illuminate Media Department was established as a way for students to manage and create the media for illuminate’s many media-based needs while exploring opportunities in film, photography, graphic design, social media and more. Students work with professionals in their field in an environment that encourages beginners and inspires those with experience. 

Tech Department

We are thrilled to be offering several options for students who would rather not be in the spotlight. Our TIP Crew (Tech-in-Progress) encompasses all things backstage: from lighting, special effects, and backstage crew to set design, construction + prop making. We also offer Stagecraft, Light Design, Scenic Design, and more. We are proud to be one of the only theatre companies in New England with these offerings! 


We call this the “Creative Arts” Department because it covers all other areas of the arts that the other departments don’t cover! In this case, it’s our Art, Steam, Sewing, and Writing Classes. Because there are more ways to be creative than participating in performing arts!  

School of Puppetry

illuminate's school of puppetry has grown from one class to multiple classes for ages 4-18, along with The Luminators Puppet Team. Students learn the basics of puppetry: creating a character, vocal work, and eventually they create their own unique puppets. Classes are fun, engaging, and full of character!

Fall River Site + After School Classes

We offer a variety of homeschool-hours classes in Fall River, as well as After-School options for those closer to our home base in Attleboro. Click on the Course Catalog below to find all of the opportunities available to #learngrowshine 

Click below to browse our entire catalog of classes and productions for our main location and our Fall River Site

Click below to view the class schedule for our main location
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