WordPlay for ages 8-12

This class is multipurpose in design. Students will engage in playful ways to engage with each other, build confidence, learn about gathering information and research, be introduced to public speaking skills, be challenged to expand their vocabulary, learn to speak with confidence, learn new things and have fun while doing so. 

This class will tackle the topics of science, music, literature, art, history, dance and agriculture. Children will be challenging themselves to find creative ways to present research that they have gathered about the predetermined themes. This may consist of a short presentation, creating short dialogues, skits, commercials, monologues, perhaps even a game show style activity.

Students will be discovering the tried and true methods of researching instead of asking Siri, Alexa or Google. They will use dictionaries, a thesaurus, books, videos, talk about the importance of libraries and how librarians can help point people in the right direction to learn new things. 

They will use their newly gathered knowledge by incorporating it into the weekly class activities. 

There are individual, age appropriate and developmentally appropriate expectations. Students will be encouraged to engage in a way that they are presently comfortable and will be encouraged to try new things. A strong theme during this class is respect. Students will at all times be respectful of each other and of the teacher. This level of respect allows everyone to feel accepted, welcomed, supports a growing sense of confidence and allows for a growing sense of creativity. 

Students should bring a notebook and pencil, a sense of adventure and whatever their assignment was with them each week. Assignments will always be age appropriate and the student helps decide along with the instructor what their research will be. No 2 students will have the same assignment. Collectively,  when students bring their knowledge to the group, the gathered info lays the foundation for that week’s activity. 

We will learn, be creative and have fun all while covering important topics and themes. 

This class is designed for students ages 8 to 12.

Taught by Lynn Dubeau. Click here to read more about our instructors!

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