High School Intensive: A Staged Reading

For Year Eleven, we are bringing back our “Staged Reading,” which will be an intensive study of the play “The Sparrow.”

The presentation will be stylized and smart, giving our older students the opportunity to really dig deep into character and scene study.

Directed by Colleen Sutcliffe. Read more about our instructors here.

Ten years ago Emily Book, the lone survivor of a horrible school bus accident, was sent away from the tiny town of Spring Farm. Now, in her senior year, Emily must return in order to graduate from high school. When she arrives, shy and guarded, Emily is unwillingly thrust into the whirlwind of Spring Farm High. Guided by her biology teacher, Mr. Christopher, and befriended by head cheerleader, Jenny McGrath, Emily must learn to fit in with her classmates while yearning to stay out of the spotlight. But when Jenny’s life is threatened in a dangerous stunt at the homecoming basketball game, Emily reveals her true powers as she saves Jenny’s life in a stunning display of telekinetic heroism. Thus, Spring Farm’s own darling superhero, “The Sparrow,” is born. Can this strange girl with even stranger powers be the hero that her town is longing for, or will her dark secret destroy them all? The Sparrow taps into the fundamental aching of adolescence—fearing that we’re somehow different while hoping that we’re somehow special.

Please note that the staged reading has a unique schedule! Auditions will be held on December 7th in an intensive audition workshop. Rehearsals are Jan 4-Feb 15 (6 weeks) with a performance on Saturday, Feb 17*

*because the rest of illuminate will be operating on a 10 week schedule, and the staged reading is only 6 weeks, we will offer workshops for the remaining 4-weeks during this timeslot OR a study hall for these students.

Click Here for Registration Information including pricing and detailed schedule info

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