Sandbox Studios

Introducing the Sandbox Studios, exclusively under the umbrella of illuminate. In this space, students will be given the opportunity to create original works, using music, film, acting, writing, graphic design – any gift they want to bring to the space. With each workshop, an original piece will be produced using all of these elements! Students will be coached by professionals in their field as they collaborate together to create an original masterpiece.

Our first experiment with this concept was in February, 2020, just a few weeks before everyone went into lockdown due to the arrival of Covid-19. Now, we are bringing the Sandbox Back!

Our next Sandbox Studio event is Wed, April 19 @ 1-4

We’re back with an all-new Sandbox Studios event! This year’s theme will be centered around building bridges: how to connect in a disconnected world. The workshop is over April vacation from 1-4 on Wednesday, April 19, culminating in an original piece that will be performed live AND filmed.

Meet The Coaches: more to be added!

Juri Love: Music/Film

Juri Love is an award-winning TV/Film producer, journalist, musician, model, actress, and podcaster who uses her platform to bring awareness to people suffering from similar social issues she endured. She has worked for years with students, creating original pieces for film festivals regionally in the Boston area. “Go Chase Yourself,” which she produced in 2020, is now available on Amazon Prime. Students will learn the basics of filmmaking and create a short film! Learn more about Juri here.

Jennifer Keating: Acting/Directing

Click here to read more about Miss Jen! Other coaches and instructors to be introduced TBD.

Check out the 2020 Beta Test of the Sandbox Studio

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