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the illuminate recovery campaign - summer 2024

When rain forced us to relocate our Shakespeare festival from the park to the gym, it washed away some of our funding as well! One of our funding sources was contingent on a downtown location, and the gym was just outside of that. 

The show itself was as big as success as ever with over 200 people in attendance, who were treated to performances from Roundabout Productions as well as our ages 8-11 cast of “Twelfth Night” and 12-18 cast of “Romeo and Juliet.” These kids had an opportunity to last a lifetime, not just because they mastered Shakespeare but because of what they achieved as a team, in one week.

If you believe in the power of the arts to change lives, and support efforts to bring free performance art to the community, send us some love for the effort we put out last week!


Shakespeare 2024: Highlights

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