Past Junior Productions

Our Junior Productions have quickly become one of our highly-anticipated events each year. We love spoiling our amazing younger students with the chance to shine in the spotlight. We combine our dance classes, chorus, and acting classes into one big production. In addition, a strong network of Interns work with the students from the beginning, in the areas of directing, scene design, tech design, and stage crew. It’s a blast for everyone! Here is what other parents have had to say about the experience:

“You and the entire AWIP crew should be very pleased with a flawless program and performance.”

“Everything was well thought out, organized and thorough, as well as cost effective for a family to be able to place their child in the program and attend the performance! I was pleasantly surprised at the level of security through out the classes, rehearsal and performance. My husband is a state trooper so I always have in the back of my mind… “

“The show was amazing and everyone should be proud. I think though that more importantly to me personally was the pride that my children have after working with you all. I always think that feeling happy after an awesome show is a good thing, but a deep sense of accomplishment and pride is a GREAT thing and I saw that in both of my children last night and so I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

“We would like to thank the whole cast and crew, adults and interns, for making my three children’s first theater experience so wonderful and nurturing and fulfilling! They enjoyed it so much they all want to do more. And hearing that, as a theater loving mom, are the happiest words ever!!”

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The 2020 Junior Production will be a celebration of Hans Christian Anderson! Click here for more details!

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