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Announcing Year Nine!

For many reasons that were explained at our Shine Bright Progress Show, and will be detailed in our subscriber newsletter, the staff at illuminate has decided to produce TWO mainstages for Year Nine… and possibly for always.

Our Middle School Mainstage will be ANNIE, for ages 11-14.

Our High School Mainstage will be SHREK, for ages 14-18.

click here to learn more about our mainstages and to register! space is limited in both.

But that’s not all… we have an entire season to announce!

Our Junior Production is Robin Hood! Click here for more details!

Our Spring Play will be scenes from these two plays:

Every Single Department has been updated with incredible classes. Click below to see them all!

LEARN: where new skills are developed in classes and workshops

GROW: where students work together on productions of all sizes

SHINE: where students form teams to serve the community with their gifts and talents

Summer Workshops are BACK!

REVOLUTION: How Broadway Explored the American and French Revolutions

A One Week Summer Intensive weaving “Les Miserables” with “Hamilton” in a challenging workshop, culminating in a small presentation at the end of the week!  For ages 12-18, June 19-22. Click here to learn more!

GAME ON: An Original Musical Adventure
What happens when video game characters have a summer adventure? Find out in this original workshop! Students will explore music, acting, improv, and dance – culminating in a presentation on the last day.  For ages 5-12, July 20-23. Click here to learn more!

Illuminate is Hiring!

We are looking for individuals well-versed in these fields, as either instructors or coaches:

  • Film
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Web Design
  • Art (all!)
  • Scenic Design
  • or if you really want to work with us, this is the chance to sit down and share your vision with us!

Click here to apply for an interview.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

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