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1:00-3:00: PINBALL WIZARDS for ages 8-11

  • Calling all young designers and future pinball wizards! Get ready to dive into some STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) through tinkering and teamwork. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to design and build a pinball machine from scratch. All you need is curiosity and a readiness to play, as you explore how momentum, gravity, and force play into design and let you express yourself in the format of a game. Let’s get the ball rolling! Led by professional educator Danielle Hersey, for ages 8-11

Dani Hersey is a teacher and educational materials writer based in both Massachusetts and São Paulo, Brazil. She holds a TEFL certificate and is currently pursuing a Master of Education in TESOL, ESL, and Bilingual Education from Lesley University. Her background in art regularly intersects with her love for language, and she is passionate about active methodologies, STEAM, and maker-centered learning. She has written several course books, including From Dream to Reality and Learning to Be Enterprising (Macmillan Brasil), which encourage youth to discover their passions, prototype ideas, and step into entrepreneurship while developing their voice as English speakers in the global community. When she isn’t writing, studying, or making things, Dani can be found geeking out to sci-fi or Broadway musicals, hiking, or doing yoga with her cats, Spock and Persephone.

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Additional Master Classes are being offered in our Wednesday and Friday sessions!

Having debuted a few weeks before the pandemic hit, the concept of the Sandbox Studios was to create an original theatre piece, with original music, that was performed live for an audience AND filmed to be released afterwards. It’s back for year 11 school vacations! Check out last year’s original short films here and here.

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