Dance Department

Our Dance Department is where students can learn the discipline of dance in a relaxed, encouraging, and motivating environment, at their own pace. Your beginner student will feel welcomed, and your intermediate or advanced student will be challenged.  Most importantly, students will learn to love all kinds of dance!


Dance Dept Offerings for 2021-2022

FALL // Sept 7 – Oct 26 // @Centenary

Open House: Tuesday, August 31 @noon (mandatory for new families; optional for returning)

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WINTER // Jan 11 – Mar 22 // @Centenary

Open House: Tuesday, Jan 4 @noon (mandatory for new families; optional for returning families)

SPRING // Apr 28 – May 19 // @Centenary

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Dance Department Internships

We are now looking for interns to assist in our dance classes and possibly work up to student teaching in the years to come. If you are interested, click here to learn more and apply!

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