Ever since we started “Fresh Aire Festivals” and “Cuddy Court Concerts” in 2021, emerging from the pandemic lockdown with innovative new ways to bring performance to the community, illuminate has been asked to assist with multiple city-wide festivals, fairs, events, and outreaches. In the past, we have always looked to our Outreach Teams (Salt+Light and Serve Up primarily) to lead the way with these requests; however, we have found in the past year that we always need to ask for MORE help beyond those teams. The CommunityLights team will consist of current families and members of illuminate who indicate that they would be willing to help with these kinds of events throughout the year as needed. By indicating interest, you are NOT committing to everything: you are simply getting on the “list” of people we can go to when the requests come in. This is your chance to help with children’s theatre at Cuddy Court, to man a puppet at the Art Museum or to sit at an info booth at a festival while the students perform.

Interested? Let us know by filling out this form. Must be a current registered family or member to participate. Now let’s get ready to shine together!

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